New Projects

A full trout rod package with two rods in a stylish leather covered double tube will be designed, built and described in this blog:


The ultimate trout combo  --- part I 'design idea'


I like fishing in small to mid size salmonid rivers in Europe, and sometimes there is a need for a smallish rod for creek fishing in the upper reaches of an alpine river, while further downstream a more substantial/longer l rod is needed for the occasional heavy nymph or light streamer to be cast and fished. Both rods shall fit into a single save transport case of about 1m length. The transport case will be a combination of side-by-side fiberglas tubes covered with strong leather.

The first rod will be a variation of a 2-piece Young 'Midge' casting a #4, and the second rod will be a #5 rod in 3 pieces and will be based on a Garrison taper in 8ft length or slightly longer.

<< Garrison 212 inspired #5  3 pieces >>

The first of the two rods is a 7' 9" #5 rod in 3 pieces. The rod is inspired by one of Garrisons classic rods -- the G212. It has a Strubble reel seat with artificial Ivory insert. Ferruley are made by Tony Young from Australia (blued Bronce Alloy).  Guide is from Joe Arguello. The rod casts a standard WF 5 smoothly -- perfectly suited for Danish Rivers, where the extra length helps to keep clear of plants along the river banks.