Troutspey 11ft 3"  330-360gr

Early 2021 I made a light line Troutspey rod, which is 11ft 3" long and has 3 sections and 2 tips. The Bamboo was slightly flamed to a caramel color tone. The rod was lightly hollowed in butt- and middle segment.  I used step down ferrules  for rather long contact surfaces that I prefer for Spey-Rods.  All metal parts were blued.


The rod has a Lemke reel seat with Olive wood spacer; cork quality is flor+ . There are two Agate guides with Milk and Coffee  stones and blued NiSi Frames ( Maker is Perfect - agate guides). Dark Snake guides are tied to the blank with Gudebrod Nylon and color is fixed before laquered with 2-K Epoxy.  The rod is sealed with 2D-PU Laquer in 3 layers.


Below please find a few pictures: